Want a Tight and Defined Body?

I help my clients lose fat and gain muscle for a body shape they can feel good in

Feeling stuck when it comes to accomplishing your body goals?

Does this sound familiar?

I believe you can have a fit and healthy body AND an enjoyable lifestyle

I’m Kristen and I help my clients sustainably lose fat and gain muscle while cultivating a healthy and fit lifestyle they love.

I remember how it felt to be uncomfortable in my clothes and not have the body confidence I wanted to operate from. I had no idea how to eat for my body and was left feeling confused and frustrated. 

Now, I have helped over 400 women create a body they love while cultivating the habits to maintain their results and live a long-term healthy lifestyle with ease.

I can do the same for you!

Kristen bent down outside
6 month transformation-front
9 month transformation

What my clients can expect from me

Shape your body to be fit & feminine

With a customized weightlifting program you can live your life without any physical limitations. Feel dynamite in your skin and clothes, allowing you to show up with more authentic confidence and energy.

Learn what works best for your body

With customized macros, you’ll enjoy a fit & feminine physique without the struggle or overwhelm.

Learn how to eat for YOUR body

Nutrition coaching that feels aligned and eliminates food guilt and unhealthy relationships with food while you learn which foods work best for your body for longterm health.

6mo transformation
client transformation
Kristen lifting weights

The Fit, Fierce, & Feminine Framework

Step 1: Call

Schedule a free consultation with me so I can get to know your needs.

Step 2: Plan

You’ll know exactly what you need to do, with all of the guesswork taken out, so you can create a body you love that is fit and healthy; bringing you more confidence in your skin and clothes than ever before.

Step 3: Radiate

Radiate authentic confidence, feel better in your body than ever before, and know how to master your nutrition without sacrificing your social life. This amazing confidence affects every aspect of your life (intimacy, clothing, showing up). No more negative self-talk!

Cathy tried every diet out there!

Listen to this amazing story from Cathy telling us how she literally tried every diet out there with no success. Yet when she came to Queens of Iron she was losing weight week after week with ease!

Here's What You Get

To get all this and more…